ROM Roll Up Doors Series IV

The new Series IV roll up door offers a stronger lift bar that will not bow or bend, an over-molded idler wheel for quieter operation, an improved inner seal for enhanced performance, and a grooved finger pull plate for improved grip. These are just a few of the many enhancements that make the Series IV the door preferred by first responders.

drip rail
Drip rail

Optional large profile drip rail available.

double lip
Double lip side seal

Provides a superior seal against water & dirt infiltration.

5 track
5 track styles

With and w/o a finishing flange, offering the most mounting options in the industry.

finger pull
Curved finger pull

Allows for better feel when closing shutter door. Features a grooved surface for improved grip and unique design increases usable opening height over other comparable shutter doors.

Over-molded idler wheels

For smooth & quiet operation.

inner sear
Extruded inner seal

One piece extrusion providing superior strength & increased structural rigidity.

Magnetic door ajar switch

With improved reed switch for reliability.

lift bar
Stronger lift bar

Lift bar is 2x stronger. Features improved grip and unique D shape - will not bow or bend.

Concave individual slat design.
Concave individual slat design

Prevents loose equipment from hindering door operation.

Co-extruded innerseal between slats.
Co-extruded inner seal between slats

Prevents metal-to-metal contact and won’t stretch in the heat.

Nested end shoes.
Nested end shoes

As the doors roll up in the compartment, these shoes prevent metal-to-metal contact and eliminate damage to the door.

Interlocking end shoes.
Interlocking end shoes

Provides tight-fitting operation, removing any play between slats and keeping graphics aligned. End shoes are swaged/dimpled (never riveted) into place, allowing easy removal and replacement.

One-piece side rail and track.
One-piece side rail and track

Unlike two-piece tracks joined by rivets or screws, our standard one-piece system has no obstructions to bind the doors. Several track styles are available for different installation requirements.

Easy one-hand operation.
Easy one-hand operation

Lift bar and finger pull, integrated into the bottom rail, allow easy one-hand access to equipment anywhere along the door.

Smooth, balanced door operation.
Smooth, balanced door operation

Neutral-balance means the same effort is used to push up or pull down the door.

Standard non-abrasive top and side seals.
Standard non-abrasive top and side seals

Provides a non-abrasive water and dust barrier to keep compartment equipment clean and dry while maintaining attractive roll-up door appearance. A wiper top seal is available.

Drip pan with splash guard.
Drip pan with splash guard

Attached with spring pins to the pennant plate, the pan rests close to the roll-up door, preserving valuable compartment space while keeping your equipment dry.

Water Barrier Sill Plate
Integrated sill plate

Built into the compartment to resist moisture penetration. Also protects sill opening from being damaged by equipment.

Keyable cylinder lock.
Keyable cylinder lock

Offers easy accessibility and peace-of-mind security.

Patented magnetic door ajar system.
Solid State Magnetic Door Ajar System

Adds versatility with fifth wire that switches to ground (when the system is activated) for multiplexing systems. Smart switch minimizes the possibility of wiring malfunction and improves reliability. The system is contained within the striker block, protected from the elements.

Adjustable Compartment Lighting System™
DuroStrip LED Compartment Lighting Systems

ROM's DuroStrip LED Compartment Lighting uses the newest technology to supply the emergency services with compartment lighting that is more effective and more reliable than traditional lighting. Our LEDs illuminate the same or better, but draw 80% less amps, withstand vibration better, and can last the life of your vehicle while providing efficiency, cost savings, safety and NFPA compliance.

Quest 2000™ power doors and locks.
M4000™ power doors and locks

Improves efficiency and saves time by having a switch in the cab activate power doors and locks. Roll-up doors can be raised before fire personnel leave the vehicle.

Perfect Match Wet Paint System™.
Perfect Match Wet Paint System™

Our Perfect Match paint can be matched to your exact specifications - no matter what color. Roll-up doors are also available in an anodized satin or brushed finish.

Front Roll Door
  • Most commonly specified door type.
  • Operator is located at the front of the compartment to meet your exact equipment requirements.
  • Counterbalanced for easy opening and closing.
  • Easy to install and clean.
  • Made of individual aluminum slats, allowing quick repairs with little downtime.
  • End shoes are swaged/dimpled into the slat, not riveted, to allow easy slat replacement.
Rear Roll Door
  • Same features and options as front roll doors.
  • When equipment requirements don't allow a front roll, the operator is mounted toward the rear to meet your needs.
  • Rear-mounted counterbalance maximizes compartment opening space.
  • Rear roll doors provide greatest benefits when compartment is more than 24 inches deep.
AutoLatch Shutters for Interior Compartments
  • AutoLatch rolls in a track across the top and down the back of the compartment.
  • Ideal for small compartments where space is at a premium.
  • Easy to operate and virtually no maintenance.
  • Specially designed cam lock stops the door from raising or lowering as soon as you take your hand off the door.
  • Nylon inner seal between slats provides quiet, vibration-free performance.
  • Interlocking nylon end shoes connecting the slats allow smooth operation.
  • Optional lock provides added security.
m4000 1
  • A push of a button-- from the cab or other strategic location on the vehicle-- raises the vehicle's roll-up doors.
  • As soon as the vehicle stops and the brakes are set, the doors are open. That saves time, so personnel can focus on fighting fires and saving lives.
  • The same switch can be activated to lower the doors and lock them securely.

Why Specify R·O·M Roll-Up Doors?

Roll-up doors. R·O·M engineers roll-up doors to last. We recognize that these doors will be put to the test each day that they are in the field, and R·O·M doors are built to meet that test.
  • R·O·M testing of roll-up doors is ongoing. Abusive, repetitive cycle testing is always underway in our R&D department to ensure we build the industry's toughest roll-up doors.
  • Roll-up doors often last longer than traditional swinging doors because they cannot be torn loose when leaving the station, or ripped loose by other vehicles at the scene.
  • R·O·M introduced roll-up doors to the industry in the mid 1980's, and thousands of these doors are still in active use today.
Ease of use
When emergency personnel are responding to a call, every second counts. R·O·M builds a number of conveniences into our roll-up doors that make them the easiest operating doors in the industry:
  • Each roll-up door has a full-length finger pull and lift bar, which ensures personnel with heavy gloves will not encounter difficulties accessing compartments.
  • Standard roll-up doors have a counterbalance, which means emergency personnel need only to lift the roll-up door approximately half of the way up before the door is "assisted" by the counterbalance.
  • For the ultimate in speed and convenience, R·O·M has pioneered power operated roll-up doors. These doors allow unprecedented compartment control when responding to critical circumstances. No other means of compartment security allows emergency personnel access to their equipment before they have exited the apparatus.
Attractive appearance
If looks did not matter to fire departments, then all trucks might be painted red or yellow. R·O·M roll-up doors simply add another dimension to the overall aesthetics of emergency equipment.
  • Satin finished doors offer a smooth anodized surface that retains an aluminum color. These doors can easily hold striping or decals that integrate with the overall appearance of the vehicle.
  • Brushed finished doors offer a brushed texture that is also anodized. The brushed texture helps to hide small scratches or fingerprints that detract from a vehicles appearance. Brushed finished doors also retain an aluminum color that can hold stripes or decals.
  • Wet painted doors are also available should a department wish to have their roll-up doors match the paint of the vehicle body. R·O·M has a precision quality paint room on site to retain full process control and strict quality standards. Custom wet painted schemes are also available upon request, though specific requests should be made through field representatives or factory sales personnel.
The nature of the roll-up doors, combined with unique R·O·M features, provides increased productivity to fire personnel.
  • M4000 Power Doors and Locks allow firemen to access the compartment immediately. Plus, they are not requested to work around, or remove equipment past obstacles like swing doors.
  • Roll-up doors, combined R·O·M's LED Compartment Lighting System, allow for complete visibility of the equipment in the compartment so emergency personnel can access quickly.
  • The light-weight design allows for lower vehicle weight so more equipment can be carried.
Smaller header requirement
With a smaller minimum header, there is a larger usable door opening height in your compartment.
Custom mounting plates
Can never be misaligned by an installer and the prefabricated plates require less time to install.
Wide finger pull
Our finger pull runs the full width of the door, so gloved hands can easily open and close the door in emergency situations.
No metal-to-metal slat contact
Our proprietary inner seal prevents metal-to-metal contact of the slats, ensuring smooth and quiet operation, reducing wear and maintaining curtain uniformity and integrity because there is no mechanical hinge.
Protected inner seal
Because the inner seal is protected, it is not subjected to weathering by the elements and it prevents intrusion into the compartment from a knife or other sharp object.
Interlocked end shoes
Maintains uniformity of door during operation and prevents door from binding during operation.
Single extrusion bottom rail
Stronger than competitor’s bottom rails that are made up of various parts. Single extrusion also prohibits the build-up of debris underneath the finger pull.
Industry leading construction
Box frame anodized aluminum slats are flat on the exterior while concave on the interior, preventing jams when equipment falls against a closed door.
Punch dimpled, not riveted, end shoes
Punch dimple method allows easy removal of single slats for repair without damaging nearby slats (as removing a rivet would do).
Neoprene seals
Not subject to deterioration like rubber seals.
One-piece track
Extruded aluminum track is easier to remove and install than two-piece tracks.
4-inch operator
Larger operator allows for a larger spring, meaning more durability while requiring virtually the same header height as a smaller operator (in which the door must wrap around the operator more times as it is opened).
Industry leading innovations
Since introducing the roll-up shutter door concept to the North American fire service, R·O·M has maintained its industry-leading status with continuous R&D efforts, including: Perfect Match Wet Paint, M4000 Power operated doors and locks, solid-state door ajar switch, Adjustable Compartment Lighting System, integrated sill plate, brushed slat finish, and more.



From what materials are R·O·M Roll-Up Doors made?
R·O·M Roll-Up Doors are made of the highest quality aluminum, which is extremely hard and resistant to abrasion. All door finishes are extremely durable and should maintain their original appearance indefinitely with a regular cleaning program.
How are R·O·M Roll-Up Doors cleaned and maintained?
Utilizing a sponge with mild soap or detergent, the roll-up door slats are easily cleaned. Mild soap and water also removes dirt and grime build-up from the tracks. Spraying the tracks with dry (non-petroleum based) silicone is recommended; this will enhance the smooth opening and closing of the roll-up door. Do not use grease, which may cause a build-up of soil and dust.
How is tension adjusted on the roll-up doors?
The factory setting of the spring tension is set at equilibrium, where the load required to lift the curtain is approximately the same as that required to close it. Should tension ever need to be adjusted, it can be done easily following R·O·M-provided instructions.
What types of warranties are available?
Comparable to most fire and emergency vehicle warranties, R·O·M Roll-Up Doors are strongly backed by our 7-year warranty on equipment and parts and up to 7-year warranty on wet paint. Electronic components are covered for 12 months.
Does installing roll-up doors affect vehicle delivery time?
R·O·M Roll-Up Doors can actually be installed in less time than swing-out doors. Pre-drilling of parts in our factory-- as well as custom bottom sills, side track trimming, and pre-mounting of striker blocks, switches and power components – saves labor and money for OEMs and end customers.
How are R·O·M Roll-Up Doors supported after the sale?
R·O·M offers the most extensive service and support network in the industry. Our dedicated inside sales support team includes technical customer service; we provide access to the expertise of our engineering department; Territory Managers located throughout the United States provide personal service; and our central U.S. location ensures timely delivery of replacement parts.
Can existing vehicles be retrofitted with roll-up doors?
You don't have to wait for a new vehicle to benefit from roll-up doors. With minor modifications, existing vehicles can have brand-new R·O·M Roll-Up Doors installed.
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