inView 360™ Fleet Monitoring System

Enhance Safety. Protect Assets.

inView 360™ is a revolutionary fleet monitoring and protection system that gives drivers a 360° view of their surroundings to avoid accidents, and provides fleet managers greater insight into fleet incidents.


Prevent costly collisions by eliminating blind spots


Handle claims quickly with iron clad video evidence


Manage and track vehicle movement


Stream live video remotely

Eliminate Vehicle Blind Spots

The Around Vehicle Monitoring System gives drivers a 360° bird’s eye view of their vehicle via a dash-mounted monitor, eliminating blind spots and preventing costly collisions.

blind spots

Produce Iron-Clad Video Evidence

A digital video recorder records camera views synchronized with vehicle telemetry data such as location, speed, and signals to reduce liability claims.

video evidence1

Faster, Better Incident Management

Fleet managers can easily download and manage video evidence, display historical vehicle movement, and monitor system health to reduce the time and cost of incident investigations.

incident management


360 top view graphic1



inView 360 Brochure

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