Bustin Straight Slide-Away

The Straight Slide-Away Ladder is the perfect solution for traditional straight ladders that easily get damaged.

Easily mounted to a dump truck or flatbed body, the ladder deploys and stows from a horizontal position.

Rungs are made using Bustin's Firm-Grip Grating to provide multi-directional protection against slips and falls.

Mounting hardware not provided.

Part Number
SALA302, SALA301, SALA303, SALC302, SALC301, SALC300

Safer than using stirrup step or tire

Slip Resistant

Incorporates Bustin Step Bar rungs for sure footed stepping regardless of weather conditions


With each footstep ice, snow, mud and debris fall to the ground

Corrosion Resistant

Aluminum welded construction is durable and rust proof

Weight Capacity


Floor Mount

Folds flat (horizontal) under body

Part #DescriptionSizeWeight
SALA302 All Aluminum 12" Ladder Width 18 lbs
SALA301 All Aluminum 16" Ladder Width 20 lbs
SALA303 All Aluminum 18" Ladder Width 21 lbs
SALC302 Aluminum Ladder,
Steel Frame
12" Ladder Width 34 lbs
SALC301 Aluminum Ladder,
Steel Frame
16" Ladder Width 38 lbs
SALC300 Aluminum Ladder,
Steel Frame
18" Ladder Width 40 lbs

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