Bustin Frame Ladders

Ideal for reaching refrigeration units, or for grain and tanker/dump operators. The lightweight aluminum construction makes quick install times and improved elevation.

Available in 3', 4' and 5' models with 9/16” bolt holes. Custom sizes available upon request.

Part Numbers
HE1401, HE1402, HE1403, DB1401, DB1402, DB1403

Safer than using stirrup step or tire

Slip Resistant

Sure footed stepping regardless of grease or extreme weather conditions


With each footstep ice, snow, mud and debris falls to the ground

Corrosion Resistant

Aluminum welded construction is durable and rust proof

Weight Capacity



HE1401 One Step 12" 3 lbs
HE1402 Two Step 24" 5 lbs
HE1403 Three Step 36" 7 lbs


DB1401 One Step 12" 6 lbs
DB1402 Two Step 24" 10 lbs
DB1403 Three Step 36" 14 lbs
Bustin Slide Away Ladder Cutsheet

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