Bustin Slide & Go Space Saver Platform

Maximize deliveries with minimal space.

The newest Bustin platform is a compact design (28" deep x 36” wide) and provides superior stability for loading and unloading.

The active locking mechanism won’t release during use and the compact sliders won’t lock up - even in the coldest weather.

Easy to retrofit. Available in three configurations. Optional handrails (part #HR001) provide 3-points of contact.

Part Numbers
SG-100, SG-101, SG-102

Maximize deliveries in areas with minimized space.

Back Pain

Eliminate back & muscle pain associated from moving portable stairways.


Enhance stability with optional handrail providing 3-points of contact.

Slip Resistant

Sure footed stepping regardless of grease or extreme weather conditions.


Active locking mechanism, won’t release during use.


One hand operation, that’s it!


Greatly improves productivity, with 5 sec. deployment.

Weight Capacity

Platform rated at 600lbs.; stairs 350lbs.

(perpendicular to truck long axis)
(parallel to truck long axis)
HEIGHTUNIT WEIGHTPlatform CapacityStep Capacity


Platform only 28" 36" 8" 170 lbs 600 lbs N/A
SG-101 Platform with DB0201 2-step slideaway 28" 36" 19" 205 lbs 600 lbs 350 lbs
SG-102 Platform with DB0202 3-step slideaway 28" 36" 19" 218 lbs 600 lbs 350 lbs

Optional handrails (part #HR001 and #HR003=Folding Clevis/Cotter Pin)

Bustin Slide and Go Platform Cutsheet

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Bustin Truck and Trailer Catalog

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