Bustin Side Door Ramp Landing

Allowing driver’s the most flexibility for multi-temp food delivery is the Bustin Side Door Ramp Landing.

The landing sits 2-3 inches below the trailer floor and provides a minimal drop when unloading with a hand truck. Access is gained by one of two ways.

First, by attaching to the Bustin Gladiator, ROM RoadWarrior, or ROM Sidekick safety ramps.  Second, by attaching an optional Bustin portable ladder. 

Make sure to specify part # PEZS001, the steel powder coated gray enclosure, sold separately.

“Images shown may not be representative of current production parts. Please contact your sales rep to specify correct part numbers.”


80% open grating promotes driver confidence

Slip Resistant

Sure footed stepping regardless of grease or extreme weather conditions


Can be mounted over 5th wheel and platform accommodates hand truck turning radius


With each footstep ice, snow, mud and debris falls to the ground


Stainless steel spring latch automatically engages to hold landing in deployed position

Corrosion Resistant

Aluminum welded construction is durable and rust proof

Weight Capacity


Part #DescriptionWeight
RLA100 Steel 31" W x 43" L 125 lbs.


The Ramp Landing roll in and out effortlessly! Bustin enclosures have a track which permits easy deployment of the Ramp Landing.



The stainless steel spring latch automatically engages to hold the landing out for a secure & stable platform. To stow away the Bustin Ramp Landing simply push the spring in and roll the landing back into the enclosure. The stainless steel spring and the aluminum Ramp Landing will put an end to unsightly rust & related maintenance problems.

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