Bustin F600 Series

Why jeopardize driver safety loading into the flow of oncoming traffic? Minimize risk and improve safety with the F600 enabling drivers to load in parallel with the length of the trailer.

The F600 is our largest platform size and is manufactured in either steel (96” wide) or aluminum (96” or 102” wide).

Comes complete with front safety rail, a hinged down-ramp for smooth transitions between the trailer and platform and a safety chain for enhanced fall protection.

Installation: Mounts to trailer frame. Enclosure not required. Must be mounted clear of trailer wheels. Required mounting area is 60"W x 96"D.

Part Numbers
F600, F600A, F601A

Safer than using stirrup step or tire. Largest platform working area available.


With each footstep ice, snow, mud and debris falls to the ground

Corrosion Resistant

Aluminum welded construction is durable and rust proof (not applicable to steel)

Weight Capacity

1,000 lbs.

Part #DescriptionSizeWt.
F600 Steel 96" Wide 350 lbs
F600A Aluminum 96" Wide 200 lbs
F601A Aluminum 102" Wide 200 lbs

Bustin F600 Series Cutsheet

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