ROM Roll Up Doors Series IV

The new Series IV roll up door offers a stronger lift bar that will not bow or bend, a water-tight side seal to repeal the elements, an over-molded idler wheel for quieter operation, an improved inner seal for enhanced performance, and a grooved finger pull plate for improved grip. These are just a few of the many enhancements that make the Series IV the door preferred by first responders.

drip rail
Drip rail

Optional large profile drip rail available.

double lip
Double lip side seal

Provides a superior seal against water & dirt infiltration.

5 track
5 track styles

With and w/o a finishing flange, offering the most mounting options in the industry.

finger pull
Curved finger pull

Allows for better feel when closing shutter door. Features a grooved surface for improved grip and unique design increases usable opening height over other comparable shutter doors.

Over-molded idler wheels

For smooth & quiet operation.

inner sear
Extruded inner seal

One piece extrusion providing superior strength & increased structural rigidity.

Magnetic door ajar switch

With improved reed switch for reliability.

lift bar
Stronger lift bar

Lift bar is 2x stronger. Features improved grip and unique D shape - will not bow or bend.

Roll Up Doors Catalog

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Roll-Up Door Series IV Datasheet

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Roll-Up Door Series IV Installation Instructions

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Roll-Up Door Series IV Order Form

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Roll-Up Door Series IV Specifications

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