ROM DuroStrip™ LED Lightbar

The Waterproof Lightbar You Asked For

The DuroStrip™ LED Lightbar features 6- and 12-inch modular components that snap together to form continuous lighting to 96 inches (which can be extended by adding end block terminals). Waterproof to IPX7 rating, the Lightbar provides fixed lumen output across 9 VDC to 16 VDC, and draws just 0.33 amps/foot at 12.8 VDC. The DuroStrip™ LED Lightbar is easy to install and repair, snapping into an integrated track with the door or pre-installed in an anodized aluminum track for stand-alone mounting.

Useable Light

The most useable compartment light -enough to read from. 250 lumens/foot. Exceeds NFPA 1901. LED color = White, White/Red, White/Blue (call for part IDs)


Sold in 6” increments up to 96”

Shock and Vibe

Rough roads, potholes, and day-today jarring are no match for the solid state electronics. Tested to military standards (MIL-STD-810-A)

Extreme Temp

Certified operation between -30° and 130°

Battery Powered

12 / 24 VDC. 0.33 amps/foot at 12.8 VDC. 0.17 amps/foot @ 25.6 VDC

Salt Spray

1,000 hour testing with no corrosion

v3 Lightbar Diagram

  • 6- and 12-inch modules snap together in integrated track. Secured with screw at terminal ends.
  • Easy to install and repair without having to remove track or other system components.
  • Integrates with R·O·M Door Ajar Switch.
  • May be wired to any automotive 12 volt switch; switch can be wired "switch to positive" or "switch to ground" for light control.
Current Draw
0.33 amps at 12.8 VDC approximately per 12 inches of continuous lighting.
Operating Voltage
Fixed lumen output across 9 VDC-16 VDC.
Wire Gauge
20 GA Automotive Wire
Luminous Intensity
Lumens/ft. is model dependent
Operating Temperature
-25°F to 150°F
Snaps into R·O·M's LED DuroStrip™ integrated track or to stand-alone extrusion for mounting to interior or exterior locations.
  • Solid State
  • Waterproof to IPX7 rating
  • Chamfered lens design and lower profile to avoid damage.
Better Lighting
  • Exceeds NFPA 1901 Standard 2009.
  • 120° Viewing Angle.
  • Color temperature tolerance ensures color consistency.
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