Compartment Access

Make ROM your single-source compartment access solution provider. From industry leading ROM Roll-Up Doors to LED Lighting, Cargo Covers to Cargo Trays, ROM leads the way.

ROM Roll Up Doors Series IV

The new Series IV Roll-Up Doors provide rugged wear, reliability and security on any apparatus. The features of the doors have been strategically designed and constructed with longevity in mind. 

ROM Cargo Covers

The ROM Cargo Cover is a custom-made protective cover for emergency vehicle truck and hose beds used to secure and protect stored equipment, hoses and supplies.

ROM Cargo Trays

The ROM Cargo Tray features a modular aluminum and steel construction that's built tough for the demands of the fire service.

Compartment Lighting

They're bright, waterproof, modular, amp-saving and priced right. That's exactly what our fire service customers asked for as we worked with you to develop our latest LED compartment lighting solution.