ROM Cargo Covers

The ROM Cargo Cover is a custom-made protective cover for emergency vehicle truck and hose beds used to secure and protect stored equipment, hoses and supplies. It provides safety, security and efficiency for the fire service, and features an optional NFPA compliant walk surface.


Enclosed compartment
Stops equipment from falling off and prevents hose from inadvertently deploying while responding to the scene.
Manual Override
In case of power failure, system can be operated manually via the manual override release.


Power Lock
Discourages theft of equipment from an unattended vehicle.
Fire Protection
Made of flame-resistant materials.
Minimizes introduction of dirt, dust and water into the compartment.
Protects hose and equipment from flying embers.
Door Ajar System
Prevents accidental loss of equipment and theft.


Easy access
No heavy doors to lift or swing-outs to interfere with personnel.
Power Operated
Access equipment at the touch of a button.
Eliminates the need to move hydraulic ladder rack to access the hose bed.
No bungee cords or other tie-downs.
Replaces canvas tarps and their ongoing repair/replacement costs.
Visually Appealing
Attractive anodized aluminum finish.


  • Meets NFPA 1901 section 15.1.7 recommendation for covered hose storage area.
  • NFPA compliant walk surface available.


Standard Features

  • Flush Track
  • Satin Finish
  • Power Lock
  • Override Lock
  • Door Ajar Switch
* Doors wider than 50" require a cargo divider / 1-1/4" below top of opening. ** Maximum vertical height is limited by the opening width. For details see the chart below.
Roll-Up Door SizesMaximumMinimum
Roll-Up Door length 226" 30"
Roll-Up Door width* 76" 28"
Roll-Up Door vertical height** 96" 19"
Opening WidthMax. Vertical Height
28" to 62" 93"
63" 92"
64" 91"
65" 90"
66" 89"
67" 88"
68" 87"
69" 86"
70" 85"
71" 84"
72" 83"
73" 82"
74" 81"
75" 80"
76" 79"

Spiral Assembly Sizes

SizeRoll-Up Door LengthHeightPower Roll-Up Door Length
B 30" to 90" 12.144" 16.875"
C < 132" 14.203" 18.805"
D < 174" 16.000" 20.875"
E < 226" 18.500" 22.937"


Roll-Up Door
Approx. 2.10 lbs per sq. ft.
Spiral assembly
Approx. 30 lbs. (varies by roll-up door size)


30 Amp circuit / 12V minimum
10 Amp circuit / 12V minimum

Controller Features

  • Solid state components
  • Built-in circuit protection
  • Built-in shut off when roll-up door is obstructed
  • Diagnostic lights for troubleshooting


Maximum load
800 lbs at center. Not rated as a walk surface.
NFPA compliant walk surface (optional)
NFPA compliant walk surface with R·O·M applied 1-3/4" friction tape.
Water penetration
Minimizes introduction of dirt, dust, and water into the compartment.
Fire protection
Made of flame-resistant materials


Key Options for Power Lock
  • J-236
  • Model 1250
  • Model 751
NFPA Compliant Walk Surface
NFPA compliant walk surface with R·O·M applied 1-3/4" friction tape on the full surface of the curtain.


What are the main features and benefits of the R·O·M Cargo Cover?
  • Safety in preventing equipment and hose from flying off a moving vehicle.
  • Security to prevent theft, protect from the elements, and fireproof the bed cover.
  • Efficiency for easy access to the compartment during emergency operations.
  • Compliance to NFPA Standards for hose care, compartment lighting and walk surface.
Isn’t it cheaper to use a tarp?
The initial price of a tarp may be less, but the long-term operating cost is greater than for an R·O·M Cargo Cover. Tarps require constant maintenance, they use inefficient, unreliable tie-downs, and they wear out and have to be replaced. With proper care and maintenance, your Cargo Cover can last the life of your vehicle.
Will the Cargo Cover fit my bed specs?
Each R·O·M Cargo Cover is custom-made to your exact specs. We can manufacture a door up to 226” long and 76” wide. Wider doors can be made if the roll-up door is not required to make a vertical turn; contact us for further details.
Will my compartment be water resistant?
Yes. Our roll-up door will reduce the introduction of water and other elements into the compartment, but it is not completely waterproof.
Is a Door Ajar System available?
Yes, the innovative R·O·M Door Ajar System prevents accidental loss of equipment and theft. This comes standard on R·O·M's Power Cargo Cover (Door Ajar Circuitry provided).
Is friction tape available?
Yes, friction tape is available and covers the full curtain. R·O·M's Cargo Cover is an NFPA compliant walk surface with R·O·M applied 1-3/4" friction tape.


ROM Hose Bed Cover / Horizontal Shutter Installation Instructions

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